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Tribute to my Mother

Tribute to My Mother

A Tribute to my Mother: a Treatise on Language, Sex, Resistance, Unity and the power of the Sacred, is a large scale work that speaks to the unbreakable and undeniable power and presence of the feminine as a force for social and political change. The piece is made from the torn and discarded pages of classic patriarchal literature, including Homer's Odessey and the American Heritage Dictionary. The language of oppression and western masculine power is destroyed and re contextualized as the canvas for the emergence of three large, unapologetic Vulvas. The large, bloody, birthing Vulva emerge as symbols of the unbreakable power and creative force of the feminine. The allusion in the Vulvic forms to the catholic image of the Mother Mary also lends itself to the conversation of reclamation of the feminine image. This piece is a challenge to power and colonization and an embrace of the chthonic feminine, rich with blood, beauty, and undeniable strength. Each piece is accompanied by a hand bound book, made from the remnant pages of the process. Each book is hung from the Clitoris of the vulvas as a reminder of the inherent knowledge in the female body. The text and has been systematically edited and re-poeticised, creating a new work of language. Tribute to my Mother calls the viewer into direct communion with the very palpable existence of feminine bodies and irrepressible voice of feminist resistance.