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Tears of Eros

Tears of Eros

Butoh inspired dance performance by Nikesha Breeze
Performed Live Feb 14th 2014 in Penasco New Mexico

Music: Messiaen- Quartet for the end of Time-#5

This piece is inspired by the image "Tears of Eros"

the style of dance is butoh inspired. Butoh is a japanese form of movement art originating after the bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki. it is an anti-dance. a dance unborn. unspeakable. undeniable. it exists inside the darkness of non-being, yet speaks to the infinite manifest being of all life. suffering, love and relation. the music was also written during WW2, inside of a concentration camp in france. the composer and 3 other musicians were prisoners in the camp, and created this music as the last music for all time.