Performance and Video

This is a small collection of performance, theater and video work. Each of the pieces explores an edge of the human experience, from the relationship to technology and human compassion to the experience of agony within ecstatic love.


“Searching for Shams” Original Butoh Inspired Dance choreographed and performed by Nikesha Breeze

This dance explores the tenuous relationship between ecstatic love and agony. Drawing from the controversial story of the homosexual union of Rumi and his beloved teacher Shams of Tabriz, who disappeared one evening and is suspected of being murdered by Rumi's close disciples and possibly his own son. The subsequent love poetry of Rumi was written in the years following the loss of Shams, as Rumi wandered in the desert in search of his beloved.

Performed to the poetry of Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks and read by Zhen Dao Presented Live at the 2012 AHA Experimental Arts Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico