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Nikesha Breeze


Nikesha Breeze b.1979

I am a black woman, a mother, queer and alive. These truths weave themselves throughout my work. I am inseparable from them, just as the skin I am in. My work seeks to engage the viewer in a relationship of the soul. A personal act of witnessing and being witnessed As a form of active resistance, I speak directly to the heart of issues such as race, sex, power, gender and human suffering at the same time as evoking a sense of the sacred and irrepressible urgency of the human spirit. My Art is an act of conscious resistance. By this I mean, that I believe Art and Art making must be the highest act of civil and personal disobedience. Art must ask questions. The life of an artist must ask questions of itself all of the time. Art must risk. I believe if art is not risking something, then it can only call back unto the known, and the known grows tired with itself in time. Art must not be afraid. Because art must live and breath at the very edge of being, inside the wound of all of human suffering and human beauty. The power of art is not in its ability to be a mirror for society, but in its ability to show what is hidden under the layers, and to speak from that place to all that is.

I am a primarily self-taught artist. I have found a way, my entire life, to make art. With my body, with my hands, with my mind, with my words. I have learned and listened to everything as source.

Nikesha Breeze is an American born African Diaspora Artist. She is a descendent of the Mende People of Sierra Leone and Assyrian Refugees. Her work is interdisciplinary and multi faceted. As a primarily self-taught artist with minimal schooling in the Fine Arts, her work is intuitive, spiritual, ritual, and focused. Her work centers around paths of reclamation of the black body and the human soul. She has received great success in her short time working in the visual arts, and has completed a sold-out Solo Museum show of: Within This Skin, and has been awarded National recognition and the 3D Juried Grand Prize Award as well as the Contemporary Black Arts Award, for her Sculptural installation: 108 Death Masks: A communal Prayer for Peace and Justice, at the 2018 International ARTPRIZE exhibition.


Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell Collection

Private Collections

David Naylor Interiors

Aries Rhysing Sacred Arts

Private Collection


2018 ARTPRIZE 10: 108 Death Masks: A communal Prayer for Peace and Justice | Devos Place; Grand Rapids MI | 3D JURIED AWARD WINNER | BLACK CONTEMPORARY ARTS AWARD WINNER

2018 WITHIN THIS SKIN: new oil paintings; Studio 238; The Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM

2019 108 Death Masks | Santa Fe Community College | Inaugural artist for Black History Month | Solo Exhibit


2019 DIVINE FEMME | MOCADA Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts, Brooklyn NY

2018 FERAL HOWL: A Feminist Response to Our Time, Freeform Art Space, Santa Fe, NM

2017 CRYING OUT LOUD curated by Micol Hebron, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2017 AHA FESTIVAL OF PROGRESSIVE ARTS, WITHIN THIS SKIN 40 foot interactive installation, Santa Fe, NM


2016 FOUND; curated by Sarah Stolar, Atrium Gallery UNM, Taos NM

2013 ART OF THE SACRED, curated by Aries Rhysing, Talisman Gallery, Taos NM

2011 DESTINATION, curated by KC tebbutt, United Space Gallery, Taos NM


2019 BODY AS CONDUIT: In Collaboration with Guillerrmo Gomez-Pena and Balitronica | Taos NM

2014 TEARS OF EROS; Penasco Theater, Penasco NM

2013 SEARCHING FOR SHAMS; AhA Festival of Experimental Arts, Santa fe, NM

2012 EMERGENCE; AhA Festival of experimental Arts, Santa fe, NM

2010 EARTH MANDALAS; Aztec Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2006 SPIRIT MANDALAS; Seco Pearl Gallery, Arroyo Seco, NM


2016 Circus Luminous; Writer/Director/Set Design/Costume Design, Lensic Performing Arts Center, Santa Fe NM

2015 SEE/SAW; Wise Fool NM; acrobatics, aerial stilts, dance, Bogota Colombia

2014 FLEXION; Wise Fool NM; acrobatics, aerial stilts, dance, Atlanta, Georgia



2015 6 Month Arts Residency, Penasco Theater New Mexico




2017-2019 AFA University of New Mexico-Taos Fine Art Dept. Chair: Sarah Stolar